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Below are details for Peter Blue. Calgary, Barcelona, Faversham, Medicine Hat, Jersey, Canary Islands, London, Broadstairs and Bielefeld are places he thinks are wonderful. He is also well-known for going to parties in London.

His work consists of software engineering, business networking and investing. He lives, works and plays in Faversham (Kent) and London.

He would pay any money to see The Adjustment Bureau, The day after tomorrow, Hunt for Red October, The Hunger Games, Blade Runner, Holy Grail, Die Hard 1~4, Avatar, Life of Brian, Caddyshack, Clear & Present Danger, A Few Good Men, Swordfish, The Matrix, Mission Impossible, Terminator, Alien, Star Trek, Sneakers, Jurassic Park, Cypher, The Hobbit, Fifth Element, Independence Day, Fight Club, Ferris Buellers day off, True Lies, Top Gun, Star Wars, Under Siege, A Knights Tale and Broken Arrow.

Steak & kidney pie, The Golden Network, club sandwich, bangers and mash and ice cream are the things he loves the most.

Maroon 5, Emma Bunton, Clean Bandit, Narcotic Thrust, East 17, Jaki Graham, Nadia Ali, Ellie Goulding, Little Mix, The Killers, Brian Adams, Jess Glynne, No Doubt, One Too Many, Marina & Diamonds, Big Country, The Pierces, Blondie, Girls Aloud, Ten Sharp, Daft Punk, River City People, Boney M, Liberty X, Venus Casino, Abba, Cold Play, Dire Straits, Dina Carroll, Ace of Base and London Beat are the groups he likes the best.

He was raised in the heart of Barnet in NW London. Zoos, pizza, cheese, lasagna and eggs are things that he hates.

His favourite TV programs are The Hunger Games, 24, Blue Peter, Breaking Bad, Mock the Week, Spooks, Mr Robot, BlackList, Have I got news for you, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Revenge, Suits, Shooter, Prison break and Big Bang Theory (shame it ends on 12th season).

He likes walking by the creek, writing software, travelling and going to the pub.
Here are his favourite books: Wizard, The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Titan, Orion, Demon, Childhoods End and Meeting with Rama.

His greatest achievements to so far are: ambassador for Cheeky Panda, ambassador for The Golden Network, 20 years in British army, 4 x Distinctions for Electronics and arresting terrorists in NI.

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