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Jewellery refers to personal ornaments, such as necklaces (worn around the neck), rings (worn on fingers), or bracelets / watches (worn on the wrist), that are typically made from or contain jewels, gemstones and precious metals like gold or silver.

People been decorating themselves for millennia. Sometimes with pretty stones, teeth (from animals or even other people), feathers and sea shells. As the human race learned to use metals, those were used as well. Some became so valuable that they were only available to the rich or royalty and were secured in vaults or in museums.

Gold Hoop EarringAmerican psychologist Abraham Maslow came up with an interesting theory as to why jewellery is worn based on every living creature's "Hierarchy of Needs". Imagine a pyramid with a base of physiological factors followed by safety, love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualisation at its top. Once we have satisfied the lower parts of that pyramid, we can concentrate on the higher needs like status or wealth and this is were jewellery comes in. If you can find food you probably won't be worrying how pretty you look or be worrying about following the latest fashion.

In this photo is a typical piece of jewellery, a gold hoop earring, worn by someone who looks like all her base needs have been met.

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